Ionic, PhoneGap, ng-cordova, cordova vibrate plugin not working

Ionic, PhoneGap, ng-cordova, cordova vibrate plugin not working

When trying to make a device vibrate using Ionic, PhoneGap, ng-cordova and/or cordova vibrate plugin, it can be very frustrating to think you’re using it correctly but to find out that the phone doesn’t vibrate after all is said and done. It can be as simple as un-muting your phone… yep, that might be the only issue. 🙂

Many devices will “mute” the vibration as well as the audio when they’re set to “mute”. If you’re having trouble getting the cordova vibrate plugin to work, first, double check when doing browser-based testing that you’re seeing something like:

… in the developer tools console. This will prove the plugin is indeed working. You can’t vibrate your computer (yet) so the plugin is nice enough to let us know that it would be vibrating if it was a phone or device.

So, you think you’re good but then when you test on your device, the vibration doesn’t work! Well, again, double check that you have the phone/device unmuted.


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