Macbook Air Macbook Pro Won’t Turn On

Macbook Air Macbook Pro Won’t Turn On

This happens, your Macbook won’t turn on. The magsafe light is orange, sometimes it’s green, sometimes you hear the fan, sometimes the screen is black… but in all cases, you can’t seem to get it to turn on. I’m going to give you a few options before you have to take it into Apple for support… do NOT neglect the last option, as screwy as it sounds, yes, shaking the holy living daylights out of your Macbook just might work.

On a recent trip to India, my wife’s Macbook Air wouldn’t turn on. I did the standard SMC reset, the PRAM reset with no luck. So, I remembered something about a Sudden Motion Sensor or a Shock Sensor for Macbooks with a mechanical drive. My wife’s Macbook has a SSD drive so I was pretty sure there wasn’t a motion sensor in it, but, low and behold, there is and that’s what finally did the trick.

So, try the following in this order:

  1. Reset the SMC. To do this, hold down the LEFT SIDE shift, option, and command key along with the power button for 4-5 seconds. Then, release all four keys at the same time. Press the power button again, and maybe again. If it doesn’t wake up then…
  2. You can try to reset the PRAM, but, it probably won’t work if your Mac doesn’t show any signs of life. But, just for the heck of it, press the power button, then, press the command, option, and the P and R keys at the same time, maybe you’ll hear a chime and it’ll start up (but probably not)… so…
  3. THIS SOUNDS LIKE A JOKE, BUT IT’S TOTALLY NOT!!! … Have the screen open slightly, hold on to the computer with BOTH hands, hold it really tight, and, SHAKE THE HOLY LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of it. Shake it like you mean it. REALLY shake it. ┬áThen, press the power button… in my case, it came back to life. The sudden motion sensor is designed to lock up the hard drive and put other things into a locked state if the Macbook has some sort of sudden shock to it, in order to protect any moving parts. What’s strange, is, my wife’s Mac has an SSD so there are no moving parts to the drive… but, this totally worked.

I hope that the suggestions above helped you wake up your Macbook Air or Macbook Pro.

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