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Facebook Content Blocking Interstitial

We needed to create a system where a user would not be allowed to see certain content until they viewed a Facebook ad using the Facebook API. This project posed certain challenges because we had to abide by the Facebook terms of service and still create a system that allowed our client to achieve the…

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Remote Garage

Remote Garage was a concept where a customer could pack up their items into boxes as provided by Remote Garage, then, those items would be picked up and stored in offsite storage. When the customer wants their items back, they just simply contact Remote Garage and the box is returned to the customer’s house or…

Read More is a Magento site that had many bugs and performance errors when it was brought to us. We consulted with the client and were able to successfully resolve all the issues.

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A subscription based site where the client was having trouble with their OpenCrypt software working properly, among other miscellaneous bugs and problems. We started with a code review and consultation and followed with fixing all the current troubles, and, enhancing the site based on the client’s needs.

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