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Genuine People

The need for integration of the client’s current Shopify store with a custom shipping solution was the task at hand. We built a custom Laravel backend to manage orders, shipping, and other facets where the existing Shopify system fell short for the client’s needs.

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ExTracker is a tool for the construction industry to help with time and resource tracking. They needed help in building a team that could grow with them. After a technical consult, and, a code review, we helped build a team to bring ExTracker to their MVP.

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CANY Express – Mobile Site

The Google PageSpeed index was VERY poor for the mobile site (and, the desktop site for that matter) for CANY Express. We were contracted to improve the score. We brought a 42% PageSpeed score to 96% using tried and true optimization techniques. Just another example of the diversity of John Shipp and Associates.

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