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My Run with Firefox for the Last Week (tl;dr I’m still using it!)

I’ve been working with Google Chrome as a developer, of course, for years and years. I always have Firefox and Safari installed and ready to use to test our code, but, I still have tended to default to Chrome because I have always felt it was a superior development environment. About a week ago, I fired up Firefox to see how it was doing, and, it felt SO fast and SO clean, and the developer’s tools were working as well as Chrome’s tools, so, I thought I’d make it my main browser for a week to see what would happen.

Things I like so far:

  • The ability to move the bookmarks bar (yeah, I know, silly but I like that I can put it wherever I’d like to put it)
  • It “feels” faster (I haven’t tested this, just my subjective and qualitative opinion)
  • The developer tools work as expected, in fact, I think I like the design aspects of the developer tools even better than Chrome
  • That I can say, “I’m using Firefox” … I get a bit of attention 😀

Things that are bothering me a bit:

  • SOME items don’t run in Firefox. For example, I needed to do a screen share with customer support of a bookkeeping company, their software didn’t run in Firefox. HubSpot doesn’t directly integrate into gMail via Firefox. Hangouts for calls (I use Google Voice for my direct line) works as long as I have gMail open, but, I’m having trouble keeping it open any other way.
  • Sometimes there’s a black bar that appears inside of the tabs. Flashes off and on. Not really sure what that is but it doesn’t happen all the time. :/ When it does happen, it’s annoying, however.
  • Chrome is the “standard” during development. I’ve found things that aren’t working properly in Firefox that ARE working properly in Chrome. This said, once fixed, it works in BOTH… so, this is also something that I LIKE about Firefox.

In short, I’m having fun using Firefox and I plan to continue to use it until such a time comes that forces me to go back to Chrome. Of course, during development, I’ll still open Chrome (and Safari, and Edge, and IE, and Opera, and mobile version, etc.) BUT for my general use I’m really enjoying the experience.

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