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Velop Mesh WiFi from Linksys – Highly Recommended

By johnshipp | June 21, 2018

Our house: Narrow, three cement floors, all cement walls. In short, one under-powered WiFi unit as provided from the ISP just didn’t cut it. Range extenders have been around forever, but, the loss of bandwidth between units was not desirable for me and I don’t feel like reconnecting or waiting for my device to reconnect…

My Run with Firefox for the Last Week (tl;dr I’m still using it!)

By johnshipp | June 8, 2018

I’ve been working with Google Chrome as a developer, of course, for years and years. I always have Firefox and Safari installed and ready to use to test our code, but, I still have tended to default to Chrome because I have always felt it was a superior development environment. About a week ago, I…