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Tart Restaurant

Tart Restaurant is owned by the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel and had many of the same issues as it’s parent company’s website… page load speed, bugs, missing features, etc. … We took on this project at the same time as the other website and managed to increase load times into the green, as well as address…

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Farmer’s Daughter Hotel

We took in Farmer’s Daughter Hotel after our client needed assistance with various items on his current website. His old developers were not responsive and he needed new items done immediately. We responded to his needs to take care of his WordPress site’s suffering page load speed, as well as other fixes and updates.

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Cash Flow Connections

We were contracted by Cash Flow Connections to debug and update various aspects of their current WordPress instance. After addressing the current issues, we helped to build a custom team where CFC could continue to work on future needs.

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MaxFurniture.com is a Magento site that had many bugs and performance errors when it was brought to us. We consulted with the client and were able to successfully resolve all the issues.

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Intellitheme was cutting edge for it’s time. This was a specialized theme for WordPress that would allow split testing and multi variant testing of various parts of your WordPress site. Then, it would automatically work to improve those niche areas. Development of the theme as well as various plugins, and, integration with Google AdSense API.

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