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Genuine People

The need for integration of the client’s current Shopify store with a custom shipping solution was the task at hand. We built a custom Laravel backend to manage orders, shipping, and other facets where the existing Shopify system fell short for the client’s needs.

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My Review Alarm

What a cool concept! A way to be notified from ALL the review sites if your business is being rated poorly. We were asked to create a custom platform that would reach out to all the major review sites (e.g. Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yahoo, Google, etc.) and store information about the platform’s customers reviews. Then, if…

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Beat Generals

When Beat Generals came to us, they had a site 90% completed using a C# backend. The client expressed that every time they had their current development group make a change, three other things would break. We conducted a code review and found the code was very unstable. We suggested a rebuild using PHP as the…

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