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Tart Restaurant

Tart Restaurant is owned by the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel and had many of the same issues as it’s parent company’s website… page load speed, bugs, missing features, etc. … We took on this project at the same time as the other website and managed to increase load times into the green, as well as address…

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Farmer’s Daughter Hotel

We took in Farmer’s Daughter Hotel after our client needed assistance with various items on his current website. His old developers were not responsive and he needed new items done immediately. We responded to his needs to take care of his WordPress site’s suffering page load speed, as well as other fixes and updates.

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Florida Yachts International

FYI needed help getting their WordPress site to perform better. It was slow, very slow. We refactored much of the codebase, developed some custom plugins, recreated their entire inventory section, and achieved a MUCH faster website as a result.

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CANY Express – Mobile Site

The Google PageSpeed index was VERY poor for the mobile site (and, the desktop site for that matter) for CANY Express. We were contracted to improve the score. We brought a 42% PageSpeed score to 96% using tried and true optimization techniques. Just another example of the diversity of John Shipp and Associates.

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