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Being a ski junkie, our client wanted us to build a site where he and others could post videos of their skiing adventures. His suggestion was, “like YouTube, but for skiing”. So, we set out to build a social platform centered around videos about skiing. We used Wistia, Vimeo, and YouTube, along with ffmpeg and…

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FedEx trusted our abilities to develope pixel-perfect email designs, across 30+ email clients, for a new campaign and service. It was necessary for us to adhere to the strict brand guide for FedEx which illustrates our ability to work within the well laid plans of others.

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Rising Star Studios

Our client had a Magento site with a custom install that needed help. Beyond completing a server migration of a very “touchy” install of Magento, we also implemented GIT and cleaned up some of the custom code in order to make the site function better and become more future proof. We also helped out on…

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Health and Wealth Software

Our client had two missions: 1) Stay healthy and 2) Manage money. We built software to help the client do both in one custom programmed specialized admin area. This admin integrated with QuickBooks, the QuickBooks API, Mint.com, the Mint.com API and was developed using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3. Once completed, the client had a way…

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