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I have worked with developers in the past and John's professionalism, tech knowledge, and customer service leaves for little comparison. Amazing experience working with him -- he went above and beyond to address our concerns and get our website heading in the right direction, making recommendations and changes that dramatically increased the website speed and set the stage for future developer team growth. Would work with him again with 0 hesitation. Coming from a non-developer background, John was able to explain differences in code quality with ease and give us understanding on what exactly has been "done" previously on our website. Would recommend hiring for high-level technical overviews from a tried and true technology executive and especially if you are tired of being dragged along by other developers. His transparency has been a tremendous breath of fresh air. 5 Stars. Thank you, John. Additionally, he was able to determine the root cause of the loading problem and was able to resolve the issue within one day.

Eric Haun - China School Directory


If you are viewing John’s profile, chances are it is because you are sick of dealing with sub-par developers. That is exactly why I was led to his UpWork profile. I have worked with more than 10 developers throughout my career and John is absolutely at the top of the list. He was able to achieve a tight deadline, communicated effectively, and was incredibly efficient in terms of billed hours. Well worth the money! Will be hiring again when I have a new project.

Hunter Thompson – Cash Flow Connections


Great experience with John! His background and knowledge base are top notch. Highly recommended for any complex (or simple) web development projects!

Nicholas Moss – Whitewall Media


John completed the contract ahead of schedule and under budget. His professional attitude meshed great with our internal team. He provided feedback on additional tools beyond what was needed for this contract.

Leo S. – Pontem Software


“I’m incredibly impressed with John, both by his skills and his ability to effectively communicate with non-programmers (i.e. myself). I hired him to fix an issue with our new website that I’d been struggling with our previous web development firm to fix for the last 9 months. When that firm basically told me “There’s nothing else we can do,” they fortunately referred me to John, who fixed the issue in less than 2 weeks, and well under the time he had initially estimated for me. He was so easy to work with – I told him what we wanted and he would tell me how complex or simple it would be to execute. He also asked plenty of insightful questions about how the database should operate in order to make sure we had thought of everything. He is incredibly helpful, friendly and professional, which is not something I can say about all programmers/developers I’ve worked with in the past. He is also very responsive, which was important to me after trying to get this issue resolved for the better part of year. In short, I would highly recommend John for any project you have and I certainly plan to use his services in the future.”

Jaclyn L. – Cianna Medical


“John is phenomenal! Super smart and innovative. Well worth his rate in gold :)”

Tom T. – Digital Natives Consulting


“John is incredibly talented & productive, really smart, focused, communicates very well, and is all-in-all a very nice guy.  He is THE best contractor I have done business with. He seems to be able to solve any problem with ease and he is worth every penny he is paid.”

John – AOTP


“Attitude, attitude, attitude! Just what you want, great work, great enthusiasm and great attitude.”

Mark S. – Sipree


“Fantastic detective work solving a puzzling problem that could have cost me a ton of money, not to mention time and agony.  He really went out of his way to help. At one point, the problem seemed unsolvable but he stayed on it and came through like a superhero.”

Jae Brown – PagesMag


“John was great again this time I hired him for this long-term support project – his technology acumen overall and command for certain specific technical tasks make him my go-to guy for many of my more challenging projects. I’ll definitely be hiring him again in the very-near future!!”

Tom T.


“Great freelancer, and overall – a great guy!”

Amit K – Tallyfy

John is a God send. He is extremely knowledgeable and would advise any entrepreneurs out there to work with him or at the very least consult with him. I'm new to the outsourcing web development game and having him on board from the very start would have saved me months and months of worry, frustration, and time. You see, if it's your first time outsourcing a major web app project, your inexperience will be your worst enemy. You will always be wondering what's going on behind the scenes, what work is really being done, will we be on time and on budget, etc… He helped me create great systems for project management, accountability, and transparency that have proven to be far more helpful than Up-work screens shots alone. I look forward to working with John again on the next phase of my project.

Bryan H.


Great communication and understanding of the job - highest level of professionalism.

Gorden Wuebbe - Reginherus Technologies LLC


John was great to work with. Very efficient with his time and completed the project with a high degree of expertise and care.

Colin Moffatt - GiftCash, Inc.


Our project was unique in that the milestones were not outlined at start. John communicated exceedingly well and was flexible with our changes while still managing to expectations. He’s very talented and his ability to communicate with technical and nontechnical staff is excellent. He delivered as requested and posed thoughtful questions during the process which benefited the design of the final API project.

Christine V. – GoCare.com


Thank you so much John! You are great to work with, you saved my project and you are managing hours very efficiently! I am overexcited to work again with you on our next phase!!

Matt K. – TheTravelSpy.com


John is an amazingly gifted programmer and was an absolute pleasure to work with, he communicates and explains himself well and he has the knowledge, know-how and skill set to back it up! Through every step of the project he was able to offer outstanding advice and implement any ideas we had in an extremely time efficient way. I highly recommend John and will not hesitate in hiring him again and again for future projects

Daniel – Swift Whale Creative


“John has an excellent command of all aspects of programming, old and new. We are a small company of non-tech individuals working with an old system. John understood everything that needed to happen, both in English and tech.”

Lynne P. – JDB Hotels


“Awesome guy, can’t wait to work with him again. Hire this man right away. Great worker, honest, and get’s it done!”

Marty V. – Personal Project


“I hired John just for a short consultation about a project I was working on. Some of the best money I’ve spent to date… John was incredibly helpful, extremely knowledgeable, and was a pleasure to work with.”

Wayne St. John


“THE best person I’ve ever worked with.”

John V. – Elasmotherium


“AMAZING at coding! Would highly recommend to ANYONE! Was able to perform task perfectly, understood what needed to be done, and completed it VERY quickly! I would definitely hire him again!”

Dakota G. – Freelance Designer


“Thank you for helping us through a critical period near the soft launch of our social space. Your expertise and follow through got us online just in time. It’s been a pleasure working with you.”

John M. – TheArtistMap.net


“John is a great programmer.  Accurate and very professional. Great work – thanks!”

Jonathan L. – Natural Health 365


“John is a great developer, he helped build my website from the ground up, with the functionality that I needed.  A little history of the ordeals I’ve been through, I had gone with various US companies that would outsource in India but I wasn’t aware.  I was frustrated and … talked to various programmers and John had the skills that I needed for my project.  From there on out he delivered as he promised.  My website is an e-commerce site with functionality made specifically for it.  For any future modifications to my site or any other future projects I would gladly hire John.”

Jerry J.


“John is very to easy to work with. Gave me all necessary details to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Would work with again. Thanks John!”

Leo Semenenko

Phenomenal communication, John asked all the right questions to get caught up to speed. He even found issues with our existing code that he was able to fix and increase the overall security and performance of our app. Wonderful job and would absolutely recommend working with John in the future!

Maggie Sfingi - Merakite


John helped us quickly identify a major bug in our database and helped us get it fixed very quickly! His quick fix, and his recommendations for database infrastructure were priceless and his knowledge is beyond expert level. He is a true pro.

Grant Cooper - Cometly.com


Johns profile stuck out as exactly what I was looking for and he did not disappoint. We began our project while John was with his family half way across the world but his availability and communication was still top notch. He took an existing application with potential and turned it into something very powerful and scaleable. Thanks, John!

Mike Cianciabella - Karmaholic Media


Great communication skills. Very thorough and knowledgeable.

Octavio Sanchez - Misc. Projects


Very knowledgeable. Efficient and fast. Will make recommendations and super easy to work with. I will hire John back many times and many years to come. I can not say enough about the great experience I had with him.

Thanks for the fast turn around and great work!

Peter Picataggio - Farmer's Daughter Hotel


One of most professional individuals I had the opportunity to work with.

Johnathon – The Synergy Effect


John is the complete package – great dev skills, organized project planning and management, great communicator (who puts communication systems into place), and a really nice guy to boot.

Tom Bisciglia – Tech# Consulting


“John is one of the best developers I’ve ever worked with – super fine attention to detail and can also grasp the bigger business picture. A forward thinker and great solution guy.”

Peri Lane – APIS Productions


“John is a very professional individual with an impressive skill set.  Communication is always quick and friendly and his work is top notch.  It is immediately apparent that he takes great pride and enjoyment in doing what he does.  Looking forward to working with him again in the future.”

John – BeatGenerals.com


“John is joy to work with, extremely flexible and agile. This in addition to his top notch experience, knowledge and development work make him a rare gem in the sometimes scary world of freelancers. Definitely worth the extra money. : )”

Asa K. – PrimeSlope Platform


“John did an excellent job keeping us on track and making sure we hit our objectives.  I would highly suggest him as a lead developer for any project.”

Joe M. – Empire Flippers


“John is a one of the most experienced software engineers I have had an opportunity to work with.  I needed to hire a senior-level developer to work on a complicated legacy API integration with little to none existing documentation, and a few if any developers who would still know how it works. After I described the project, John said he hasn’t worked on that specific API (which I already knew), but he will figure out how to do it. At that point, I knew I am going to hire him.  The project itself was as challenging as we expected, but the results exceeded expectations. John communicated his progress clearly with the rest of the development team, and contacted the right people whenever there was a roadblock. All in all, the whole team was very impressed with John’s expertise and talent, and I’m very much looking forward hiring him again.”

Jaakko Piipponen – Remote Garage


“John Shipp is not only an excellent programmer, but he is the rare breed that can turn mere ideas into working software. No, I take that back. ‘Working’ is an understatement. Mr. Shipp writes software that performs exactly as needed. He never overbuilds, never underbuilds. He listens to your needs and builds exactly that. It is refreshing to work with a programmer who has no ego or vanity. He plies his craft with the simple intention of someone who cares to see you succeed.”

Ben Allfree


“John is the type of person you want to bring on board at the beginning of your project to set up systems of accountability and clear direction forward. His communication skills are exceptional as is his integrity!”

Marko Sanden – FluencyFox


“John took the time to get very familiar with the extremely technical requirements of the project and was able to provide valuable feedback. He was a complete pleasure to work with and will definitely hire him again.”

Gabriel Murphy – Video2Mp3.net