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John Shipp
Founder, CTO, CEO

John Shipp has been working with computers since the 1980's when he was just a kid. He got a Commodore 64 computer for Christmas as a 7-year-old and immediately set to work programming it and fiddling with it to get it to do simple things like make a green pixelated hot air balloon that would rise and fall on screen. He loved computers and technology from a young age. It was just something that interested him and he had fun with it.

Later, when the Internet started taking off in the late 1990's, John was working for a TV station in Lincoln, Nebraska programming and designing ads and doing voice-overs while moonlighting as a web site developer. He met his future wife, Jennifer, a writer, around this time. They had a passion for travel.

In the early 2000's, John created a web development business and then later worked as a freelance web developer, designer, project manager, and CTO for a variety of businesses both big and small. In the aftermath of the dot com crash following 9/11, John went to work for a number of different businesses working in agriculture, real estate, electrical and plumbing installation, sales, and even publishing.  It was a difficult time, but, John was able to gain experience in a wide variety of different fields which helped him better understand his client's needs when the economy started to level out again. In 2008, John bought an old, abandoned public school building in a small town in Nebraska and renovated it into a Home Base. And then created a remote-based freelance Internet development business and traveled abroad for 6 months of the year to countries like India, China, Morocco, and Mexico. Today, he's a veteran digital nomad who travels extensively and continuously seeks out high-tech options to connect more authentically with customers as well as other remote workers.

Today, after years of working with a wide variety of technologies and interfacing with clients in different settings, John can help to give shape and form to clients' dreams and ideas. John is global aware can help you and your business tune into the global marketplace. At the same time, John has a long history and a Human-to-Human philosophy of working with clients.