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About John Shipp

Bridging Generations of Tech, from Commodore 64 to Web Development Expert CTO


John Shipp
Founder, CTO, CEO

A Lifelong Odyssey from Early Coding to Remote CTO Leadership

Ever since his childhood in the 1980s, John Shipp has had a fascination with computers and technology. At just 7 years old, he received a Commodore 64 as a Christmas gift and wasted no time exploring its capabilities. From programming a simple, green pixelated hot air balloon to rise and fall on the screen, John was captivated by the endless possibilities technology offered.

Pioneering Web Development in the Dot-Com Era

By the late 1990s, as the Internet started to revolutionize our world, John found himself at the intersection of technology and media. Working in Lincoln, Nebraska for a TV station, John honed his skills in ad programming, graphic design, and voice-overs. Simultaneously, he began moonlighting as a website developer. It was during this period that he met his future wife, Jennifer, a talented writer, and they bonded over a shared passion for travel.

Navigating the Post-Dot-Com Crash and Diversifying Skillsets

The early 2000s saw John stepping into the entrepreneurial world, starting a web development business and later freelancing as a web developer, designer, and technical project manager for various companies. In the challenging period following the dot-com crash and 9/11, John diversified his portfolio by working in sectors like agriculture, real estate, electrical and plumbing, sales, and publishing. This experience enriched his understanding of different business needs, equipping him to be more client-centric as the economy recovered.

Establishing a Remote Work Lifestyle and Embracing Digital Nomadism

In 2008, John took the bold step of purchasing an abandoned public school building in Nebraska, which he transformed into his home base. From there, he launched a remote web development business, allowing him the freedom to travel six months of the year to countries like India, China, Morocco, and Mexico. Today, John is a seasoned digital nomad, (however, he is currently spending more time at his home in Mexico lately) ... and he contines embracing innovative tech solutions to better connect with clients and remote workers alike.

How John Shipp Can Shape Your Business Goals into Reality

After years of hands-on experience with diverse technologies and client interactions, John brings a global perspective that can help your business thrive in the international marketplace. His Human-to-Human philosophy ensures a personalized approach to each project, making him a trusted partner in bringing your digital dreams to life.

By tapping into John Shipp’s extensive expertise, you can expect tailor-made solutions that align perfectly with your business needs.

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