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The smart way to track, analyze and scale your Facebook ad campaigns. Cometly tracks 100% of your sales back to the correct Facebook ad. Get real time ad & sales data all in one place.


High availability WordPress site. Worked closely with designers to ensure the site represents the brand. Other integrations with Postmates and Uber Eats.

Los Pollos Hermanos

High availability WordPress website. Worked closely with top-shelf designers to ensure pixel perfect layout. Provide ongoing maintenance and support. https://eatlospolloshermanos.com/

Tart Restaurant

Tart Restaurant is owned by the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel and had many of the same issues as it’s parent company’s website… page load speed, bugs, missing features, etc. … We took on this project at the same time as the other website and managed to increase load times into the green, as well as address various booking issues and other tasks.

Field2Base ROI Calculator

Field2Base needed a simple way to interact with their clients about the ROI of using online forms. However, they also wanted to be able to integrate their form into HubSpot. The existing HubSpot forms and landing pages couldn’t capture all of the user interaction desired by Field2Base. We created a custom form and embedded it into a HubSpot landing page, and, working with the HubSpot API and a custom PHP REST API, we were able to achieve the desired result.

Farmer’s Daughter Hotel

We took in Farmer’s Daughter Hotel after our client needed assistance with various items on his current website. His old developers were not responsive and he needed new items done immediately. We responded to his needs to take care of his WordPress site’s suffering page load speed, as well as other fixes and updates.

Cash Flow Connections

We were contracted by Cash Flow Connections to debug and update various aspects of their current WordPress instance. After addressing the current issues, we helped to build a custom team where CFC could continue to work on future needs.

Florida Yachts International

FYI needed help getting their WordPress site to perform better. It was slow, very slow. We refactored much of the codebase, developed some custom plugins, recreated their entire inventory section, and achieved a MUCH faster website as a result.


RenderVine needed assistance in solving the problem of graphic storage for quick access. They also needed to build a team that could grow with them. We provided technical consulting and team building to help RenderVine reach their MVP.

Genuine People

The need for integration of the client’s current Shopify store with a custom shipping solution was the task at hand. We built a custom Laravel backend to manage orders, shipping, and other facets where the existing Shopify system fell short for the client’s needs.


ExTracker is a tool for the construction industry to help with time and resource tracking. They needed help in building a team that could grow with them. After a technical consult, and, a code review, we helped build a team to bring ExTracker to their MVP.

CANY Express – Mobile Site

The Google PageSpeed index was VERY poor for the mobile site (and, the desktop site for that matter) for CANY Express. We were contracted to improve the score. We brought a 42% PageSpeed score to 96% using tried and true optimization techniques. Just another example of the diversity of John Shipp and Associates.

Virtual Doc Room

As a subcontractor for a partner company, we were contracted to build a virtual documentation room for their client. Built on Laravel and integrated into WordPress, this application allows the client to organize customers, documents, and other resources as needed.

Retrofit API – Pontem Software

And old software platform needed to be updated along with a retrofit into a new application. A Laravel application was built that could communicate with both the old and the new. This application also had to manage both a MySQL database along with an existing PostgreSQL database which needed to be reverse engineered.

Insurance API Laravel/Magento Integration

A need to integrate an existing Laravel application with the front-facing Magento site existed. In addition, the current Laravel project had taken a turn for the worse. After providing a code review and technical advise, we helped rebuild the Laravel application and created custom integrations between the new application and the Magento frontend/backend.


The Travel Spy is a website geared at ensuring that handicapped accessible features as advertised by hotels and other venues are actually as described. We provided a code review and technical advice, along with John acting as a temporary CTO during the pre-MVP phase of this project. We built a team and helped the client move forward with his dream.


Fluency Fox is a new type of language learning system. We took in an existing codebase from a team of developers who had given up on the project. After providing technical advice and a code review, we built a team for Fluency Fox and helped them get to their MVP.

AdClouds (formerly PerfectBanner)

Helped to create a high availability ad server and multi-variant testing system using machine learning and other technologies to help decrease spend and increase click through rates. John acted as CTO for a short term during a team building process.

WordPress / Laravel API Sync

This “client of a client” wanted to be able to sync a custom built Laravel API (built by us) with their current WordPress website. The application kept track of tasks completed by the client’s followers.


A super high traffic website, where, a user could convert a YouTube video to an MP3 audio file and then download the audio file to their computer. This site received billions (yes, billions!) of page views per month. By using the YouTube API along with ffmpeg we created a multi-server audio conversion farm and a front facing website to manage all the audio storage along with the traffic. The final result was a lean and mean service that could have handled 10 times the traffic it was receiving.


Tallyfy needed to supplement their team with some senior development for Angualr and Laravel. We stepped up to the challenge and joined in with an existing team to help Tallyfy reach their MVP.

Smart Video Metrics

Created a SAAS application which allows users to sign up and get statistics and metrics on their videos in a way that was not currently available at the time. The system integrated YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and a few other more obscure video services and then paired the videos and their pages with custom tracking software, and, with Google Analytics. The end result was a very robust system to track the performance of videos.

Swift Whale

Swift While is a website design house specializing in WordPress designs. They needed senior developers to provide ongoing help with some of the more technical projects.

Digital Natives Consulting

Digital Natives needed a technical consultant and senior developers to do various work outside of the scope of what they could internally provide. Our projects had a wide range from consulting, to project management, to elbow-deep code.

Wayne St. John Photography

Mr. St. John was having trouble getting a new slider feature installed on his website. We helped him by refactoring the code for the slider as well as providing technical advice. Another happy client.


Hauntin.gs is a website that stores information about the paranormal instances across the USA and the world. We updated an existing WordPress theme to better handle the thousands of locations in this paranormal database. We then integrated some geocoding and other features to help make this site special.

Cianna Medical

Cianna Medical needed to integrate a “Find a Physician” feature into their existing WordPress website. They also wanted to be able to use the same data in other places. We built a custom Laravel API and admin to store the physician data (which, is synced with the WordPress database too). Then, the data is searched and displayed based on a search from on the frontend of the WordPress site.


This was an interesting project where we were required to connect multiple WordPress websites to a SAML backend in order for the WordPress owners to supply their customers with insurance quotes. In order to allow for multiple WordPress sites to use this system and not have to manage each site separately, we created a Laravel API and a simple WordPress plugin to talk to the Laravel API. A shortcode is used and all the magic happens via secure protocols.

Martial Arts Online School

This project is in two parts: WordPress and Laravel. The WordPress site is a front facing site to help with the marketing of the project. The Laravel project is a VLS (virtual learning system) that was custom coded by our team. The system integrates with recurring payments using Stripe. A complete admin is provided so new videos and instructions can be added. Students progress from white belt to black belt and can submit videos showing the instructors the required material to pass to the next level.

Facebook Content Blocking Interstitial

We needed to create a system where a user would not be allowed to see certain content until they viewed a Facebook ad using the Facebook API. This project posed certain challenges because we had to abide by the Facebook terms of service and still create a system that allowed our client to achieve the desired results. We were able to create a system that did just that!

Remote Garage

Remote Garage was a concept where a customer could pack up their items into boxes as provided by Remote Garage, then, those items would be picked up and stored in offsite storage. When the customer wants their items back, they just simply contact Remote Garage and the box is returned to the customer’s house or business. This concept is straight forward until one realizes they might need to integrate with a warehousing solution. Our client realized this early on and reached out to ask for help with the integration. We took their Laravel front-facing website and helped to integrate with an Windows IIS backend via RSSQL and also needed to maintain a secure sync between our MySQL database and an MSSQL database.


MaxFurniture.com is a Magento site that had many bugs and performance errors when it was brought to us. We consulted with the client and were able to successfully resolve all the issues.


A subscription based site where the client was having trouble with their OpenCrypt software working properly, among other miscellaneous bugs and problems. We started with a code review and consultation and followed with fixing all the current troubles, and, enhancing the site based on the client’s needs.

Natural Health 365

For this site, we became general webmasters and did some specific changes and upgrades to the WordPress site. We also provided a custom integration of the AdBlade network.

Natural News Talk Hour Show

There was an existing audio player on this site for the talk show, however, the audio player wasn’t working correctly across all browsers. We updated the player to an HTML5 player with a Flash fallback. We also created an audio file converter that would take in a single audio file as a .wav file and convert it to an .mp3 and .ogg file using ffmpeg and other command line tools.

InVision App

InVision approached us with the need to produce a better Mac app. We took on the role of project management and lead the Mac app team to success. We also provided consultation and team building for after we removed ourselves from the project management role. Additionally, we developed the Mac retina icon set for the new Mac app.

KIND Snacks

We were contracted as part of a team to help bring a new Magento site to fruition for KIND Snacks. Our role was to work with the navigation system, various parts of the checkout pages, and other general Magento server maintenance. There were many challenges in this large scope project and our ability to work with many other teams at the same time was illustrated.


Intellitheme was cutting edge for it’s time. This was a specialized theme for WordPress that would allow split testing and multi variant testing of various parts of your WordPress site. Then, it would automatically work to improve those niche areas. Development of the theme as well as various plugins, and, integration with Google AdSense API.

Hands of a Child

Hands of a Child is a homeschooling resource site built on Magento. When we started the project, the client’s current server was out of resources which was causing many errors. It was necessary to migrate to a new server and proved difficult because access was limited due to a variety of resource errors as well. Once we gained control of the server, we quickly migrated to a new and more scaleable solution. Then, we proceeded to do a variety of upgrades for the client.


Declaration is a platform striving to make it easy for creative professionals of every stripe to showcase their work, broadcast their insights, and monetize their intellectual capital. We were involved in building out the MVP of the beta version of Declaration (now in beta 2.0). We improved an existing Laravel backend and built many resident web scrapers in Python and PHP in order to gather data in the public domain. While not “big data” there was “lots of data” and we had to maintain and optimize a very large MySQL database.

My Review Alarm

What a cool concept! A way to be notified from ALL the review sites if your business is being rated poorly. We were asked to create a custom platform that would reach out to all the major review sites (e.g. Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yahoo, Google, etc.) and store information about the platform’s customers reviews. Then, if a poor review was found, the software would notify the customer so they could take action. Be built a custom PHP/MySQL backend and integrated the e-commerce portion with Authorize.net. We also leveraged custom server-side scripts in Python to scrape and aggregate data.


SterraClimb already had a design mockup made for their new website, however, they were having trouble finding somebody to make that design into a WordPress theme. After some consultation, we accepted the project and built a custom WordPress theme and created HTML/CSS from their mockup along with a few design changes as needed.

Cash Affinity

CardSpring was the platform of choice to integrate. Cash Affinity was setting out to work with payment cards and needed to integrate Stripe with CardSpring and other platforms. We developed a custom PHP/MySQL backend to handle all the REST API calls in and out of our system.

JDB Hotels

JDB needed a webmaster when we first took this contract. They had multiple properties and a ton of updates needed on a regular basis. This project was hosted in an IIS environment with a mix of C# and classic ASP, as well as a bit of ASP.NET. This project shows our flexibility where we’re able to simply be a “webmaster” sometimes… not everything has to be heroic! We stayed with this client helping them right up to the very end.

Beat Generals

When Beat Generals came to us, they had a site 90% completed using a C# backend. The client expressed that every time they had their current development group make a change, three other things would break. We conducted a code review and found the code was very unstable. We suggested a rebuild using PHP as the backend (based on a long discussion). Beat Generals asked us to go ahead and do the rebuild for them. We converted the code from C# to PHP and built a custom e-commerce platform as well.


Being a ski junkie, our client wanted us to build a site where he and others could post videos of their skiing adventures. His suggestion was, “like YouTube, but for skiing”. So, we set out to build a social platform centered around videos about skiing. We used Wistia, Vimeo, and YouTube, along with ffmpeg and other server technologies to optimize videos. The frontend was built on custom javascript and jQuery, the backend was custom PHP, MySQL.

The Artist Map

We helped our client with some serious server administration needs with their Linux/Apache server. The client was using a third-party package and the server resources were suffering. After a thorough review, we suggested migration of the server to a new platform and executed on this request. After the successful migration, we tightened down security and proceeded to help with custom code development in PHP, MySQL and on the JamRoom platform.


FedEx trusted our abilities to develope pixel-perfect email designs, across 30+ email clients, for a new campaign and service. It was necessary for us to adhere to the strict brand guide for FedEx which illustrates our ability to work within the well laid plans of others.

Rising Star Studios

Our client had a Magento site with a custom install that needed help. Beyond completing a server migration of a very “touchy” install of Magento, we also implemented GIT and cleaned up some of the custom code in order to make the site function better and become more future proof. We also helped out on the frontend by enhancing features using Javascript, jQuery, HTML and CSS.

Health and Wealth Software

Our client had two missions: 1) Stay healthy and 2) Manage money. We built software to help the client do both in one custom programmed specialized admin area. This admin integrated with QuickBooks, the QuickBooks API, Mint.com, the Mint.com API and was developed using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3. Once completed, the client had a way to quickly visualize financial transactions, print PDF reports, and also enter in exercise, caloric intake, and other health related items all from one password protected area. This was a unique and specialized piece of software that illustrates our ability to think outside the box.