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What is eCommerce?

Ecommerce (electronic commerce) has been around since the early 1970’s and it involves the process of buying or selling items on the Internet. This process can be broken down into two main categories, what is being sold (goods or services) and who it is being sold to, (Business to Business or Business to Consumer and vice versa.) Over the last 40 years, the exchange of products or services electronically has grown exponentially to encompass almost everything we do in today’s world. Online payments for utilities, purchasing goods for your home and even complex financial transactions involving millions of dollars can now be completed with just a click!

Why John?

Although the world of eCommerce is changing almost daily, the goals have not changed: meet the needs of the consumer while growing your online business. John's ecommerce website development strategy encompasses his knowledge of website design and website development techniques to ensure that your products or services are presented effectively. Also realized is that the massive growth of mobile devices has added to the popularity of ecommerce over the last 10 years. Sites are 100% customizable and responsive to accommodate every device, now and in the future.

Your Security, Highest Priority

Last, but definitely not least, the topic of security is a huge concern for everyone involved in an ecommerce transaction. Every ecommerce site John builds supports SSL to encrypt any vital information that must remain secure. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a technology that creates an encrypted connection between the people trying to connect to a particular site and the site itself to protect data. Personal data such as names, passwords and social security numbers as well as critical financial data are at risk when any online transaction takes place. Therefore, it is essential that any ecommerce website development includes thorough and robust security measures for all parties at all times.