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Farmer’s Daughter Hotel and Tart Restaurant

Boutique hotel and restaurant in Los Angeles that had multiple issues updating their WordPress site and needed additional web development help for two websites.


Farmer’s Daughter Hotel and Tart Restaurant came to John with two very typical problems: 1) their websites were loading so slowly that they were practically unusable and 2) they couldn’t seem to get their current web development company to fix the other issues they were having with both sites. Additionally, they had a list of other items they would love to have. For example, building a wait staff management system for tip tracking and integration with their booking engine.


First, John used his expertise in Google page rank along with analysis using tools such as GT Metrix to give a baseline in order to begin to optimize and hopefully increase site speed for both sites. While these tools can help you figure out what’s wrong, they can’t help you fix those issues if you’re not a developer. John dissected the reports and got to work.


John took the pages on their sites from a “D” (and even an “F” in some cases) to an “A” on both desktop and mobile in a matter of weeks. If you’ve ever worked with getting page speed rank up, you know it’s an ongoing battle. In order to stay ahead, John checks in every few weeks and if it’s dropped to a “B” or worse he figures out how to get it back to an “A”. Additionally, John is in the process of building a “toolbox” where FDH can add tools such as the wait staff tip out system and other tools in the future.