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Canadian startup with strict deadlines and tight budget that needed to get things moving on their website after very little progress in the past.


GiftCash was in trouble. When they reached out to John they had a product that was about 30% complete and had taken about 6 months longer than they had originally planned.

What was wrong? The site was not responsive and their code looked like it was written in 1999 and there were zero modern coding practices in place. There was also no API created and no way to create mobile apps to connect to the back-end. Finally, under medium to heavy loads, the server would crash repeatedly


John consulted with the client, and, after doing a complete code review recommended what he felt was their only option: a complete website rebuild utilizing the latest trends and technology.


Sometimes the truth hurts. In this case, the client had to face that they lost money and time with a less than reputable development company and had to literally start over. John rebuilt their software using the latest responsive technologies and also installed a modern API based on the Laravel framework. He is now building a mobile app for both iOS and Android that can connect to the same API as the website.  The new site has already launched in Canada and the USA!