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Field2Base ROI Calculator

Field2Base needed a simple way to interact with their clients about the ROI of using online forms. However, they also wanted to be able to integrate their form into HubSpot. The existing HubSpot forms and landing pages couldn’t capture all of the user interaction desired by Field2Base. We created a custom form and embedded it…

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Hauntin.gs is a website that stores information about the paranormal instances across the USA and the world. We updated an existing WordPress theme to better handle the thousands of locations in this paranormal database. We then integrated some geocoding and other features to help make this site special.

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Cianna Medical

Cianna Medical needed to integrate a “Find a Physician” feature into their existing WordPress website. They also wanted to be able to use the same data in other places. We built a custom Laravel API and admin to store the physician data (which, is synced with the WordPress database too). Then, the data is searched…

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