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CANY Express – Mobile Site

The Google PageSpeed index was VERY poor for the mobile site (and, the desktop site for that matter) for CANY Express. We were contracted to improve the score. We brought a 42% PageSpeed score to 96% using tried and true optimization techniques. Just another example of the diversity of John Shipp and Associates.

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Retrofit API – Pontem Software

And old software platform needed to be updated along with a retrofit into a new application. A Laravel application was built that could communicate with both the old and the new. This application also had to manage both a MySQL database along with an existing PostgreSQL database which needed to be reverse engineered.

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Insurance API Laravel/Magento Integration

A need to integrate an existing Laravel application with the front-facing Magento site existed. In addition, the current Laravel project had taken a turn for the worse. After providing a code review and technical advise, we helped rebuild the Laravel application and created custom integrations between the new application and the Magento frontend/backend.

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The Travel Spy is a website geared at ensuring that handicapped accessible features as advertised by hotels and other venues are actually as described. We provided a code review and technical advice, along with John acting as a temporary CTO during the pre-MVP phase of this project. We built a team and helped the client…

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Fluency Fox is a new type of language learning system. We took in an existing codebase from a team of developers who had given up on the project. After providing technical advice and a code review, we built a team for Fluency Fox and helped them get to their MVP.

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