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Cianna Medical

Cianna Medical needed to integrate a “Find a Physician” feature into their existing WordPress website. They also wanted to be able to use the same data in other places. We built a custom Laravel API and admin to store the physician data (which, is synced with the WordPress database too). Then, the data is searched…

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This was an interesting project where we were required to connect multiple WordPress websites to a SAML backend in order for the WordPress owners to supply their customers with insurance quotes. In order to allow for multiple WordPress sites to use this system and not have to manage each site separately, we created a Laravel…

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Martial Arts Online School

This project is in two parts: WordPress and Laravel. The WordPress site is a front facing site to help with the marketing of the project. The Laravel project is a VLS (virtual learning system) that was custom coded by our team. The system integrates with recurring payments using Stripe. A complete admin is provided so…

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Declaration is a platform striving to make it easy for creative professionals of every stripe to showcase their work, broadcast their insights, and monetize their intellectual capital. We were involved in building out the MVP of the beta version of Declaration (now in beta 2.0). We improved an existing Laravel backend and built many resident…

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