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Insurance API Laravel/Magento Integration

A need to integrate an existing Laravel application with the front-facing Magento site existed. In addition, the current Laravel project had taken a turn for the worse. After providing a code review and technical advise, we helped rebuild the Laravel application and created custom integrations between the new application and the Magento frontend/backend.

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WordPress / Laravel API Sync

This “client of a client” wanted to be able to sync a custom built Laravel API (built by us) with their current WordPress website. The application kept track of tasks completed by the client’s followers.

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This was an interesting project where we were required to connect multiple WordPress websites to a SAML backend in order for the WordPress owners to supply their customers with insurance quotes. In order to allow for multiple WordPress sites to use this system and not have to manage each site separately, we created a Laravel…

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My Review Alarm

What a cool concept! A way to be notified from ALL the review sites if your business is being rated poorly. We were asked to create a custom platform that would reach out to all the major review sites (e.g. Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yahoo, Google, etc.) and store information about the platform’s customers reviews. Then, if…

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Cash Affinity

CardSpring was the platform of choice to integrate. Cash Affinity was setting out to work with payment cards and needed to integrate Stripe with CardSpring and other platforms. We developed a custom PHP/MySQL backend to handle all the REST API calls in and out of our system.

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